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Traveling growing up.

My name is Roosje and I love to travel. When my sisters and I were young our parents took us to a campground in Stavelot in Belgium. We would enjoy sleeping in a tent. There was a stream in which we played with the French speaking kids. We hiked and got lost whilst following a track with signs that would all of a sudden stop. We loved eating enormous baguettes and fresh farm eggs from a farm nearby. Even though in my memory we went to the same campground almost every year until I was about twelve years old, I strongly believe that’s where my travel bug started.

As I grew older my holiday destinations expanded. Had our parents taken us to Germany, Belgium and France when I was in primary school, a few years later they took us on a road trip to Italy and Greece. My first trip without my parents was organized by my aunt. She took my cousin and me to London. Being an English teacher who knew her way around the city, she showed us a lot of the highlights within a very limited amount of time. I was very impressed by her knowledge and stories about this interesting country.

Traveling on my own.

My first experience abroad without parents, my aunt or schoolteachers to supervise me did not happen until my last year at Uni. As soon as I heard about the possibility to study abroad I knew I had to try getting in. This trimester in Aberystwyth was an eye-opening experience. Although I had been living in a monumental student hall with guards looking after us, I now knew my English was good enough to travel to wherever I wanted to go to and my self-esteem grew, making me secure enough to know that I could look after myself.

In the years that followed I did a lot of exploring around the world. I often went on my own, which had the advantage that I would be very approachable to other people. With those – now friends – I share bits of my experiences. Sometimes I travelled with a friend. Whenever I want to bring back memories of Bolivia, I only have to talk to my best friend. When I want to talk about my Italy travels as a young adult, I can share stories with other friends. However, during those years there had not been one person who had been there all the way and with whom I could share multiple holiday experiences (apart from one ex-boyfriend).

Traveling as a family.

This changed when I met my husband. Before I came into his life he had not been a very active traveler, but he seems to be enjoying it as much as I do. It feels great having someone in my life to explore the world with and be able to talk with about all our mutual experiences abroad.

We now have a three-year old traveler in our midst. She sees the world in a completely different perspective and because of her we have a lot of contact with the locals while we keep on travelling. Eryn broadens our horizon, brings us to places we would normally not go and brings the extras in this travel blog.

This blog.

I have waited a long time to start writing. Now it’s finally time to share with you the stories about our current travels as a family, travels my husband and I made in the past, travels I made on my own or with friends and travel experiences from my childhood. However, this blog will be a lot broader than just travel stories. In it I will tell you what books, tv series or movies made me visit certain places. I’ll share with you the food and drinks from all over the world. But I will also let you know where to find nice playgrounds for kids, inform you about great accommodation and activities and much more. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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