Along the river Moselle – Germany

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The river Moselle. One of our favorite holiday destinations is the river Moselle. There are so many historical places to visit and all the towns seem to look pretty. Over the years we have seen many castles in the Moselle … Read More

A closer look at: St. Castor

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St. Castor. In the center of the small town of Karden stands a statue of a man, carrying a church in one hand and a staff in the other. The church is similar to the church next to the statue. … Read More

Photo of the week: Ehrenburg (Germany)

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Ehrenburg (Germany). Near the river Moselle in Germany there are many castles you can visit. One of those castles is Burg Ehrenburg. The entrance to this castle is quite impressive. These days they have turned part of the castle into … Read More

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