Photo of the week: IJmuiden

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 A wedding. IJmuiden has a special place in our hearts. The main reason is that this is the place where my husband and I first met. Another reason is that one of my husband’s close family members lives. His wife … Read More

Dino’s nearby – Zwolle (the Netherlands)

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A surprise day-out. Sometimes it is good to be active on the social media. There are a few groups I am a member of out of personal interest. Even though I do not always actively participate, most of the time … Read More

IJmuiden beach – the Netherlands

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Sunny days. People usually come to the Netherlands to see Amsterdam. Coffee shops, red light district, some museums of famous painters and a boat tour through the canals. Some people go a bit further. They visit the tulip fields (often … Read More

Highlights of Veere – the Netherlands

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Intro. When you’re in the Dutch Province Zeeland, don’t forget to visit a small city named ‘Veere’. It has a very special history. Even though these days it’s small, it used to be important in the past. Why? The story … Read More

Kids museums in the Netherlands

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Dutch museum card. From 1981 onwards it is possible in the Netherlands to buy a museum card. If you intend to visit several museums it might be a good idea buying such a card, especially if you’re staying in the … Read More

Bie oans oefje – the Netherlands

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Joep. Our daughter Eryn has a friend called ‘Joep’. He can run really fast and they both love to play throw and catch with a ball. Eryn is very fond of Joep. He’s a two-year-old and really sweet. However, she’s … Read More

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