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 A wedding.

IJmuiden has a special place in our hearts. The main reason is that this is the place where my husband and I first met. Another reason is that one of my husband’s close family members lives. His wife grew up in this nice beach town. It therefore came as no surprise that their wedding – or at least their wedding party – would take place in IJmuiden. This wedding was extra special to us. First of all my husband was a best men to the groom. Also, our daughter Eryn got to be a bridesmaid. For both it was the first time they performed such a special task. They both felt very honored.

The event itself took place in Bloemendaal, which lies near IJmuiden. The ceremony took place in the Town Hall, a beautiful location with a large driveway. It rained, but nothing could spoil the day. As the couple stepped out of the car, the umbrella the groom was holding above the bride added an extra romantic detail to the photos.

This photo.

A day later they threw an 80’s and 90’s party in IJmuiden.  The newlyweds had chosen one of the beach restaurants as the location. IJmuiden has several beach restaurants. The name of this one is “Zeezicht”. To get to it you actually have to walk over the beach to reach it.

We helped decorating the place. However, by the time we got there most of the work had already been done. We added some details and made sure the party lights were at the right place. After that we had dinner outside with the MC’s and the bride and groom.

Not long after our dinner the guests started to show up. That evening the sunset was amazing. The weather was good (exceptional in the Netherlands). It was dry and warm. The sky had all shades of red and orange. My husband grabbed his camera and started taking photos on the beach. It was then that this curious fox showed himself. He wandered around for a bit and did not seem to be bothered by all the people. He was clearly a local. After a while he left, leaving us with this great shot.

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IJmuiden has a nice beach, where you can bathe in the sea or play with sand, shells and crabs. Or you can walk around near the harbour and watch the ships.

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