Photo of the week: Horseshoe Bend

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In 2014 my husband and I went on our honeymoon. We visited several places on the West Coast of the USA and also some of its National Parks. Of course the Grand Canyon had to be included in our trip as well as Bryce Canyon and Zion.

We had also heard about Antelope Canyon, a place with beautiful red and orange shapes. These caves have been carved out of the Navajo sand by the wind. Last mentioned Canyon-tour turned out to be one of our most disappointing experiences during our honeymoon. However, it was the reason why we were staying in a small place called Page. And it was a good thing we did, because otherwise we would have not been able to take the photo of this week.

Horseshoe Bend.

After our trip to Antelope Canyon, someone told us about a place we should visit before we left town. Since it was not far out of the way, we decided to have a look. It was easy to find. At 4 miles (6.4 km) southwest of Page on Highway 89 you will find a road sign saying ‘Horseshoe Bend Overlook’. There’s a car park and from there it’s an easy 15 minutes’ walk to the lookout point.

The scenery in Arizona is breathtaking. On the way to Horseshoe Bend we walked over a sandy and rocky path. The path is very out of the open without possibilities to shelter. Although the weather was quite hot we saw a lot of flowers, also blooming cacti.

And then we saw Horseshoe Bend. Wow! Even though this place can attract a lot of visitors it was by far not as crowded as Antelope Canyon. And the best part was: we did not need a guide. No one was rushing us so we could take as many photos as we wanted from various points. This photo is one of the many beautiful reminders of this stunning place.

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The Colorado River has carved his way through the rocks in many bends. One of them is the beautiful Horseshoe Bend.

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