Photo of the week: Garderen

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I can’t remember the first time I was in Garderen. I was only two years old. My grandparents had rented a holiday home, where they were staying with me, my parents and one of my sisters (the youngest one wasn’t born yet). There are some photos of this holiday, but I have no recollection of this holiday.

I had never thought much about Garderen, nor did I ever consider there with our daughter. To me Garderen was always ‘far away’. That last thing might have been the case when I was living in Amsterdam, but Garderen is actually not that far from where we are living now. When we were driving to the east to visit my husband’s friends and family, we often passed a road sign saying ‘Garderen’.

One day we were looking for a place nearby to go hiking. I consulted one of many hiking books and saw a hike near Garderen that was advertised as being child friendly. All of a sudden everything came together and we headed towards what probably was my first ever holiday destination.

This photo.

It was winter when we first went on a hike near Garderen. It was really cold and we only did part of the walk. Our daughter had found a good walking stick, which she used to tap on the ice to see if she could break it. She loved it!

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Explore the Veluwe near Garderen. One can have a nice hike in the woods near Garderen. The Veluwe was formed by the Saalian Glacial during the Ice Age.


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