Photo of the week: Ehrenburg (Germany)

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Ehrenburg (Germany).

Near the river Moselle in Germany there are many castles you can visit. One of those castles is Burg Ehrenburg. The entrance to this castle is quite impressive. These days they have turned part of the castle into a hotel and restaurant. It also is the location of many historical festivals, banquets and concerts. Although the castle was once ruined, they restored it in 1992 and now you can explore several parts of the castle.

Personally I can’t see well in the dark, so some bits at the bottom of the castle felt like a black hole I had to enter. But our daughter Eryn was my savior. She helped me, holding my hand, guiding me through the dark passages. Of course the visit would not have been complete without climbing the stairs that lead to the tower. All of a sudden the tables had turned. Eryn found the steep steps quite scary and now I was the one who was able to assure her she could do it. And she did.

We reached the top of the tower, where a beautiful view over the forests awaited us. It was very windy up there, so we sat down and ate the sandwiches we had brought with us. This photo was taken just before we went back down. To me it represents victory.

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Most likely the church of Trier built Burg Ehrenburg. In 1688 the French took the castle and a year later they partly blew it up. Today you can visit it.

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