Happy New Year!

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At 7 am this morning a cheerful face appeared next to our bed. Our daughter Eryn. She was fully awake and ready to play. We had not expected this. Last night we entered a new decennium and we woke up Eryn ten minutes before it happened. She was sleepy, but excited to see the fireworks. We counted down and she cheered with a glass of water in her hands. Despite the fact that she’s almost five-years-old she still only likes milk and water. No lemonade or apple juice for her!

I couldn’t help thinking about last year. We had escaped our home and noisy neighbors to celebrate the start of 2019 abroad. The Belgian countryside had proven itself quiet. However, our daughter had been upset all night because time went by so fast. She was about to turn four and the idea of change did not go well with her. She watched the fireworks, but could not enjoy it.

How different it has been last night. And how different she has been this morning. No tears, no fear of getting older. Just a happy little girl chatting away as usual. Even though 7 am is early, I couldn’t be happier.

Happy new year!

Over the years I have been abroad for New Year’s at least five times. I can clearly remember the time I was studying in Wales. Most students went home for the holidays. My dad came over to visit me for Christmas. It was a strange experience having the student hall almost to myself. Nevertheless, my dad and I had a good time. He flew home a few days before New Year’s, so when the clock struck twelve, I was all alone in an abandoned building. But then the only phone of the hall rang. My hall chairman rang me to wish me a happy new year. And I did not feel alone anymore.

Apart from that time in Wales I always tried to celebrate the New Year with other people. That one particular night of the year feels better when you get to spend it with others. It is a night to leave behind whatever year you had and start with a clean slate. It usually makes me feel relieved in some sort of way, because the new year gives us new prospects. What better way to start it than with a toast, a smile, a kiss and a friendly face that tells you that this year will be a good or better one. So here’s to each and every one of my readers: may 2020 bring you much joy and happiness. Happy New Year!

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