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Noisy Neighbors.

We have noisy neighbors. The amount of people in house varies and the noise therefore too. The two main inhabitants are both male. They work night shifts. Both of them have girlfriends, at least every now and then. Both of them have kids. Or their girlfriends have kids. Anyways: sometimes there are as many as four adults and 3 kids staying in the house.

Many parties during daytime. Many nightly talks in the garden, which we can hear because our bedroom is on that side. If we’re ‘lucky’ they arrive around 5 am after a shift. They then stay in the car with the music on very loudly. They probably think they don’t wake us, but sadly it’s the opposite. So you can imagine that with New Year approaching we got a bit worried the party would go on and on. No, it was better to escape and go away for a few nights. Where better to go to than the Belgian countryside.

Guesthouse Luttelkolen.

When we arrived our hostess, Lieve, was waiting for us. She gave us a warm welcome and made us feel happy we escaped the crowd. The guesthouse consists of several apartments. Ours was a small separate building with lots of windows. The views were great: from most sides we could overlook the meadows and at a short distance we saw some horses.

In the main room we had a large double bed and in the adjoining room there was a one-person bed for our daughter. When she sat on her bed and opened the curtains she could look out over a field and a shed. In the smaller room was also a table with chairs. It had windows all around it, so we were in for nice meals. There was no door between the rooms, which made the apartment look larger. In the larger room was a TV and a small kitchen with all the equipment we needed. Behind our bed was a separate bathroom with a toilet and shower. The heat pumps that arranged the temperature in the separate parts of the apartment could be arranged via a remote control. It was everything we needed.


Belgium is a small country. One of the benefits is that you don’t have to travel far to get to a city or landmark. Even when you’re accommodation is in the countryside, there are lots of options to go to. Guesthouse Luttelkolen is really close to Castle Van Horst, a castle I wrote about in a previous blog. It is also a small drive to get to Leuven, a pretty Belgian student city. We had a good time there and were still be able to see some of the Christmas decorations.

We stayed only a few nights so we had limited time. Other places is the area that I would like to visit next time are Aarschot, which also has a rich history and Hoegaarden, which was founded as early as 981 and mostly known for its beer. Mechelen, the city my husband and I first went on holiday to together, is not too far away either and a city I can recommend to everyone to go to for a weekend city trip.

The hostess.

I already mentioned how Lieve gave us a warm welcome. During our stay she went to great lengths to make our stay as comfortable as possible. We were experiencing unexpected difficulties with the Wi-Fi. These days – with our current mobile contracts that include the use of the internet in Belgium – it is no big issue for us when the Wi-Fi is not working. However, Lieve and her kind daughter did not rest until they had solved the problem. I give them big credits for that.

When we wished Lieve a happy New Year she told me she was a bit worried we had experienced some inconvenience. Her children had invited some friends over and they had lit some fireworks. The opposite was actually the case.

Around 12 I sat at my daughter’s bed. My daughter had had some trouble sleeping. She was scared of getting older (her 4th Birthday was approaching) and she was still awake. As the clock struck 12, I heard some footsteps near her window, so I opened the curtain. Close to our window were Lieve’s children and their friends. They gave us a beautiful but very short firework show. We were on the first row. You can imagine that cheered up our daughter a lot! After only 5 minutes they left and the rest of the night was as quiet as the nights before. Our decision of going away to Holsbeek has been a great one.

More info.

You can book Guesthouse Luttelkolen via their website.

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Near Leuven you can find Castle Van Horst located on a strategic spot in the Winge-valley. In 1488 it was burned down by rebels. lucky for us it’s rebuild.

You can read the story about Castle Van Horst on my blog.

Castle Van Horst, home to the Red Knight, is actually a pretty but empty 14th century castle near Leuven, Belgium. It’s nice to hike in the castle grounds.

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