Photo of the week: Ehrenburg (Germany)

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Ehrenburg (Germany). Near the river Moselle in Germany there are many castles you can visit. One of those castles is Burg Ehrenburg. The entrance to this castle is quite impressive. These days they have turned part of the castle into … Read More

Coast to Coast Walk Auckland – New Zealand

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One year. There are travelers who rush from one tourist attraction to the next. They follow their guidebook and try to see as much as possible usually within a limited amount of time. There are also travelers who go somewhere … Read More

A new beginning – Australia

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My Australian relatives. My grandmother was a great story teller. I loved it when she started talking about the time when she was a little girl. A cat once attacked her, which made her fear cats for life. I believe … Read More

Little monks in disguise – Ireland

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A puffin. When you look up the word ‘puffin’ in a dictionary you come across several different descriptions. When you combine them you find that a puffin is a sea bird that can swim and fly well. It is black … Read More

Once the world’s largest church – France

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Avoid Mâcon When you are in the Beaujolais area and want to get out of the vineyards and into a city or town you best avoid going to Mâcon. There is a lot of history and potential in Mâcon. Sadly … Read More

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