Kids museums in the Netherlands

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Dutch museum card. From 1981 onwards it is possible in the Netherlands to buy a museum card. If you intend to visit several museums it might be a good idea buying such a card, especially if you’re staying in the … Read More

Bie oans oefje – the Netherlands

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Joep. Our daughter Eryn has a friend called ‘Joep’. He can run really fast and they both love to play throw and catch with a ball. Eryn is very fond of Joep. He’s a two-year-old and really sweet. However, she’s … Read More

The battle against water – the Netherlands

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Teenager. I vividly remember the first time I was visiting the Dutch province Zeeland. I was a teenager, going on a holiday with my two best friends. This special ticket was called ‘Tienertoer’ and promoted by the railways as a … Read More

A Kids’ Hike – the Netherlands

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A toy wagon. As a child my sisters and I often spent our autumn holiday in a forest. My grandmother rented a small bungalow where she would stay with our grandfather, us and our parents. Sometimes others joined us. In … Read More

Taaaa tata taaaa tata ta tataaaaaaaa! – Efteling

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Taaaa tata taaaa tata ta tataaaaaaaa! To most of you these words don’t mean anything, but there is a small group of people that immediately understand what it’s referring to. For over 5 years now we organize an annual outing … Read More

A new journey

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Finally! The holiday we thought would never happen has finally started. It almost didn’t. We’ve had so many heartbreaks and suffering in the last few weeks. First we had to say goodbye to Gizmo, our sweet ginger friend. As a … Read More

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