Finding your way in Italy

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Navigation system. This is not an article on how to speak Italian, neither one on how to read a map of Italy. It is a little story on how the navigation system in our car gets completely lost every time … Read More

A playground even the locals don’t know about

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. Bedtime. Every time I’m abroad or dealing with people from other countries I notice how the way people treat their children can vary depending on culture, values, ideas and habits and also through time. I can vividly remember what … Read More

Photo of the week: Il Leopoldino

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Il Leopoldino Agriturismo. A few years back we spent our summer in Italy, where we stayed at a place called an agriturismo. Our hosts owned an olive plantation and they were having guests on the side. It was a wonderful … Read More

Colli Euganei Regional Park

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The Regional Park. In the north east of Italy, between Venice and Verona, lies a beautiful Regional Park, called Colli Euganei. This Park is 18.694 ha² (almost 187  km²) and consists of two types of rocks: sedimentary rocks, that originate … Read More