Kids in Apeldoorn – the Netherlands

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Intro. In my previous story about Apeldoorn a I wrote about an excellent place to stay:  the former Cantonal Court. Our daughter Eryn and I had an excellent time in this old building. The fact that the people working there … Read More

Dino’s nearby – Zwolle (the Netherlands)

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A surprise day-out. Sometimes it is good to be active on the social media. There are a few groups I am a member of out of personal interest. Even though I do not always actively participate, most of the time … Read More

Touroparc Zoo: our private zoo and entertainment park – France

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What to do in the Beaujolais-area? During our holiday in the Beaujolais-area (France) my daughter Eryn and I were looking for a good place to spend the day. In a previous story about this region I already mentioned that there … Read More

Taaaa tata taaaa tata ta tataaaaaaaa! – Efteling

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Taaaa tata taaaa tata ta tataaaaaaaa! To most of you these words don’t mean anything, but there is a small group of people that immediately understand what it’s referring to. For over 5 years now we organize an annual outing … Read More