A closer look at: rhino’s in Chester

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Rhino Mania. In 2010 I was visiting a friend of mine in Chester, England. At the time 62 statues of rhino’s stood there, spread all over the city and some even outside. Their purpose was to raise awareness about the … Read More

Little monks in disguise – Ireland

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A puffin. When you look up the word ‘puffin’ in a dictionary you come across several different descriptions. When you combine them you find that a puffin is a sea bird that can swim and fly well. It is black … Read More

Stray cats in literature – part 1 (Japan)

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The book. This time not a story about a place I have been, neither about a place I am planning to go to. I’d like to write a bit about a book I just read. As most of you know … Read More

The Family of Man UNESCO photo exhibition at Clervaux Castle

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Unesco in Luxembourg. The country of Luxembourg has three UNESCO sites: Luxembourg City with its old quarters and fortifications, the hopping procession of Etternach and the photo exhibition ‘the Family of Man’. The city and castle of Vianden, about which … Read More

Hats off to the Royal Flying Doctors Service!

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Secret Valley. As a child I always had a thing for Australian tv-series. Or maybe a thing for Australia, that’s also possible. When I was eight years old I used to watch Secret Valley.  This was a serie about a … Read More

About the author

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Traveling growing up. My name is Roosje and I love to travel. When my sisters and I were young our parents took us to a campground in Stavelot in Belgium. We would enjoy sleeping in a tent. There was a … Read More