A bird flew over the mountainstowards a waterfall.On his way he passed some castles

and a forest above all.

The journey was long and excitingit brought him laughter and joy.He went into a city.

At the playground was a toy.

He sat at the walls around itand even went inside a church.He waited for some insects

and for the church cat to emerge.

The insects were deliciousthe cat a bit too scaryand when he finally got rid of him

the poor bird was thirsty and weary.

So on he flew to waters bluepast temples and a cow.He stayed the night and said to himself

oh how, oh how, oh how

How am I getting to the waterfall?Inspiration is what I need.He hiked, like people do sometimes

and spend a day just eating weed.

He took a course from another birdwho knew much more than him.He gave him ideas of where to go

of where to fly and swim.

Finally the bird arrived thereand the waterfall gave him food.It was exactly what he likedNow everything was good.Imagine you are the bird nowand our website is your dish.What category do you choose first?Click on the photo you wish.