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Adults only.

There is one B&B in the USA my husband and I went to that was amazing. Sadly enough we won’t be able to go there for at least another 12 years. Why? Because the Sheridan House Inn is an ‘adults only’ B&B. You have to be at least 16 to stay there. We have a 4-year-old daughter, so you can do the math. And we will not go to America without her. 

I must admit: we cheated a little bit. When we booked this B&B for our honeymoon little did we know that during our stay we were no longer alone. Our daughter decided that it would be a good idea to join us for our honeymoon. In my belly that is. So our first journey as husband and wife was filled with fatigue, abdominal cramps and morning sickness. Still, we had an amazing time in the USA.

The owners.

When we stayed at the Sheridan House Inn it was still owned by Nick and Claire. In 2018 the current owners, Mark and Debbie took over this wonderful B&B. From the current reviews I can assume that they also do a good job, making this a fantastic place for people to stay.

Even before we left for the States, I received several helpful e-mails from Claire. Some of the information was regarding our stay, like directions from the Hoover Dam, which we passed on the way over, to the question whether we had dietary restrictions. She also wrote me about the many things one can do near the Grand Canyon, from helicopter flights to private hikes and drives.

Because I did not want to be treated differently, I didn’t inform the hosts of our accommodations that it was our honeymoon. But Claire was so friendly in her mails that I made an exception for her. Little did I know that she immediately upgraded us to another room. When we arrived our bed was covered in rose petals and other decorations. On the side table we found a bottle of champagne. We liked it a lot, but we mainly loved their great personalities and the time they took to talk to us and tell stories about the place.


After a good night sleep we walked into a cozy breakfast area. It was small and informal. Claire asked us what we wanted for breakfast and my husband chose blueberry pancakes. I was more into omelet. Only a short while later she came back, carrying one of the most delicious breakfasts we had ever had. I don’t know how she did it. Although she did not use many ingredients, both the omelet and the pancakes tasted amazing.

Grand Canyon.

The main reason we chose this B&B was its location. At only one hour drive of the Grand Canyon the landscape was amazing. We were told that there was plenty of wildlife to be seen in Williams. Even a bear would not be impossible to spot near the B&B. Although we did not get to see a bear, we immediately believed it would be possible. The nature there is so beautiful.

The previous owners of Sheridan House knew a lot about the surroundings. Nick gave us some excellent advice about the Canyon. Of course we weren’t the only ones to visit the Grand Canyon and because of that it is hard to find a quiet place around it without any other people. However, Nick knew about a place that was used as a wedding location. Photographers come there a lot too. They don’t put that place on the ‘tourist map’ to keep it quiet. Nick told where we could park our car. From there it was only a 20 minute walk until we had the Canyon pretty much to ourselves.


After our honeymoon we came back home and our lovely daughter was born. Only months after her arrival we had some sad news. Our wonderful, amazing neighbors had decided to move. Since she was American and they raised their daughter bilingual we always suspected that one they would move to the USA. We always hoped that would not be that soon. But Arizona was calling them and we can’t blame them.

In a densely populated country like ours, you are very lucky when you find neighbors that you get along with as well as we did with ours. They had dinner at our place or we at theirs. We looked after their rabbit when they were on holiday, they looked after our cat when we were gone. And we always had a friendly chat over the fence when we were both gardening. We miss them a lot, but hey, they’re in Arizona now.

Arizona, State of the Grand Canyon. Arizona, where it is always very hot and where it doesn’t rain all the time except for when it’s monsoon season. They won’t be staying at this B&B, because they have their own house there. But for those amongst you who don’t live in Arizona: if you’re not going to travel with children, Sheridan House Inn is a great place to stay. Mark and Debbie have taken over a great B&B and according to the reviews they seem to be running it just as well as Claire and Nick did. I know we will be staying there, 12 years from now.

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