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Photo of the week: Skellig Michael
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Skellig Michael. Off the coast with Ireland lies a small island called Skellig Michael. Together with the neighboring Little Skellig these two islands go by the name ‘the Skellig Islands’. They are home to a broad range of birds. Skellig … Read More

Photo of the week: Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)
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Veliko Tarnovo. We took this photo in 2012. One of our friends was working and living in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. When we came to visit her and her family, they took us on a day trip to the … Read More

Living in America
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Why fly? My first flight was on the 11th of May 1998. Even though I had been to the UK several times, I had always travelled by boat. My trips to Prague, Berlin, Paris, Rome and even Norway had been … Read More

A closer look at: Waitemata Harbour
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  Its name. The Harbour’s original Maori name was Whanga-nui o Toi. The English translation is ‘the big bay of Toi’. Toi was an explorer who sailed from Polynesia and arrived at this bay around 1125 AD. Later on they … Read More

Coast to Coast Walk Auckland – New Zealand
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One year. There are travelers who rush from one tourist attraction to the next. They follow their guidebook and try to see as much as possible usually within a limited amount of time. There are also travelers who go somewhere … Read More

Highlights of Veere – the Netherlands
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Intro. When you’re in the Dutch Province Zeeland, don’t forget to visit a small city named ‘Veere’. It has a very special history. Even though these days it’s small, it used to be important in the past. Why? The story … Read More

5 things to do in London – UK
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First time London. On a first trip to this country most people go to London. There is so much to see and do that you can easily spend a lot of time there. I visited London for the first time … Read More

Kids museums in the Netherlands
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Dutch museum card. From 1981 onwards it is possible in the Netherlands to buy a museum card. If you intend to visit several museums it might be a good idea buying such a card, especially if you’re staying in the … Read More

Bie oans oefje – the Netherlands
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Joep. Our daughter Eryn has a friend called ‘Joep’. He can run really fast and they both love to play throw and catch with a ball. Eryn is very fond of Joep. He’s a two-year-old and really sweet. However, she’s … Read More

A new beginning – Australia
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My Australian relatives. My grandmother was a great story teller. I loved it when she started talking about the time when she was a little girl. A cat once attacked her, which made her fear cats for life. I believe … Read More

The battle against water – the Netherlands
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Teenager. I vividly remember the first time I was visiting the Dutch province Zeeland. I was a teenager, going on a holiday with my two best friends. This special ticket was called ‘Tienertoer’ and promoted by the railways as a … Read More

Little monks in disguise – Ireland
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A puffin. When you look up the word ‘puffin’ in a dictionary you come across several different descriptions. When you combine them you find that a puffin is a sea bird that can swim and fly well. It is black … Read More

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