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According to its own website, Muiderslot is the best preserved medieval castle. The first time that I was visiting it, I was still a child. I was in a group and we did a tour inside the castle. I remember that we learned a lot about saying and where they originated from. This tour still exists, along with 7 other tours you can do at the Muiderslot. You can book these tours with a maximum of 15 people per guide. Such a tour costs €60 on top of the entrance fee.

Its location.

Muiderslot lies about 15 km away from Amsterdam and about 45 km from Utrecht. The mouth of the river Vecht is its exact location and it was this location that made the castle an important one. At the time Muiderslot was built (1280) the most important trade route to Utrecht led via the river Vecht. The ideal place to let people pay toll was at the castle.

Floris V, who built Muiderslot, was not able to enjoy his castle for long. They conspired against and Floris V awaited imprisonment in his own castle. When Floris tried to escape, they stabbed him to death. A year later, William of Mechelen conquered the castle and yet another few years later it was demolished.

Its artists.

Around 1380 Albert I built a new castle at exactly the same location. It was in this castle that in the 16th century several famous poets, painters and other artists gathered. The name of this group is the ‘Muiderkring’. P.C.Hooft, owner of the castle, initiated this group, by inviting his friends and fellow artists over during the 39 summers he spent in the Muiderslot. Vondel, Sweelinck, Bredero are amongst these artists.

Almost demolished again.

After the Dutch Golden Age, the castle went through some lesser times. First home to the French soldiers as well as a prison, later abandoned it only was a matter of time until Muiderslot would be demolished again. However in 1825, when it was up for sale or the wrecking ball, King William I decided the castle should stay. The only problem was that there was money. This changed when in 1875 it became a National Monument. Muiderslot underwent serious reconstructions and these days it’s a fantastic place to visit.

Its events.

Apart from the regular entrance (which costs €15.50 for adults and €9 for children, annual museum card free) there are all sorts of reasons to visit Muiderslot. From Birthday parties to concerts, from falconers to walks through the castle gardens. There is plenty to do at Muiderslot, especially during the summer.

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In 1285 Floris V commissioned to build Muiderslot. Foris died in Muiderslot, because some noblemen did not like the switch of ruler.

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